38° North Oysters (1 Dozen)
38° North Oysters (1 Dozen)

38° North Oysters (1 Dozen)

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Quick Facts

  • East Coast Oyster 
  • Raised off the southernmost tip of Maryland where the Potomac River meets the Chesapeake Bay
  • Mild & sweet, with a perfect salinity balance 
  • Shells range from 2-5 inches in length

About 38° North 

38 North. It's a latitude (the perfect one, in fact, for growing oysters). It's a temperature (38 is ideal for packing and shipping these little gems, keeping them and you safe and healthy). And 38 North is a philosophy.

At 38 North, we believe that the best oysters are grown harnessing the best nature has to offer. We grow ours in the big waters of the Chesapeake Bay, tapping all that energy to create firm and meaty oysters with just the right balance of salinity. And because we grow them in a floating cage farm environment, we're able to perfect their shape, size and health.