How Fresh is your Fish? What does Fresh Mean?
  Twenty years ago our parent company, Seattle Fish Co., sold about 80% frozen and 20% fresh seafood.  Today, those numbers have swapped making over 80% of our seafood fresh, never frozen. Due to our geographic location, we are able to quickly receive seafood from all coasts. We work directly with fisherman, boats and farms on each coast to direct-ship, often times within hours of catch or harvest. Most importantly, the freshness of seafood depends on how it is handled once it is out of the water.  Seattle Fish Co. has been safely handling seafood for over 100 years. This ensures that you receive the absolute freshest seafood possible.  

If you don't see you are looking for in our store please e-mail us at info@chefsfreshfish.com - we list new items based on feedback!
How often do the fish and seafood offerings change?
  Since Chef's Fresh Fish is a new online marketplace we have aimed to offer seafood that is regularly in stock.  We will be continuously adding to the website as we grow and highly recommend contacting us if there is something you are specifically looking for; we add products based on feedback! Email info@chefsfreshfish.com. Also, there will be times when items listed on the website will be marked as out of stock due to Mother Nature and uncontrollable circumstances. Check back though, we may be getting a delivery tomorrow!
When will I receive my order?

Alll orders received by 1pm MST Mountain Time will be packed and shipped same day. We send all of our orders via UPS Overnight Shipping. 

Any orders placed after 1pm Mountain Time will be entered the following day. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more information.