Elevation Charcuterie Mole Salami (4.5 oz)
Elevation Charcuterie Mole Salami (4.5 oz)

Elevation Charcuterie Mole Salami (4.5 oz)

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 Quick Facts

  • Inspired by the famous Mexican mole, this salami is made with a spice blend of chilies, garlic, cinnamon and oregano
  • A local chocolate stout is used to add the authentic flavor derived from a slow cooked mole
  • Made with 100% humanely raised pork

About Elevation Charcuterie 

Elevation Meats of Denver, Colorado, has a passion for the art of charcuterie and salumi. They continually strive to bring quality goods to their local food scene and beyond, utilizing heritage breed pork, raised without antibiotics or hormones. Owner Chad Nelan wanted to combine old country and traditional cooking methods with innovative new favors, and Elevation was born.

Chad started his career as a butcher behind the counter at Tony’s Market, and has been making charcuterie in his home for more than a decade. Elevation Charcuterie and Artisan Meats has become known for its creative flavors that are changing the way you think about salami. Elevation Meats continues to pride itself on sourcing the highest quality ingredients and staying ahead of “best practices”.Elevation Meats continues to champion the “old” artisan way of creating their cured meats and salumi products while adhering to the stringent rules of the USDA – and their quality and taste shows it.