Niceland Icelandic Cod
Niceland Icelandic Cod
Niceland Icelandic Cod

Niceland Icelandic Cod

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Quick Facts

  • Niceland Seafood’s cod is wild-caught in Iceland and certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council

  • Icelandic cod thrive in the cold, clean waters of Iceland’s expansive fishing territory, and tend to be large and somewhat sweet in flavor

  • Icelandic cod are mild in flavor with large, delicate flake

  • Cod is a versatile fish that lends itself well to many different flavors and cooking techniques

  • Try cod pan-seared, in stew preparations (like cioppino), fried or oven-roasted!

About Niceland Seafood 

For an island nation like Iceland, protecting its most valuable natural resource and supporting its fishermen is paramount. That’s why Iceland leads the world in conservation and sustainable fisheries management. But we don’t stop there. We’re about holding ourselves to a higher standard to prioritize full transparency, rebuild trust in seafood and reduce waste.

That’s why Niceland Seafood developed a unique buying experience that provides visibility into the supply chain from “sea to pan”. Our digital “timeline” experience is accessible to everyone with a smartphone camera, and displays the entire journey of each fish via our TraceabiliT technology, which houses species data, point of origin, vessel or farm, transport information, and even cooking tips. In addition to providing you with responsibly-sourced, fully-traceable Icelandic fish, we also work hard to ensure we’re transporting our fish responsibly - our fresh fish is flown commercially (passenger flights) to reduce our carbon footprint.